How the plant is grown, treated throughout its life cycle, harvested and ultimately cured can vastly  affect the quality of our cannabis products. Waveseer assures through its automated processes, to grow in the best environment, using quality-controlled materials  in a climate-controlled space, modern irrigation and agricultural techniques with little to no human interaction. That way, our plants have the greatest chance for a life of abundance and ultimately to produce the high-quality pain relief and effects for our qualified consumers in need.


Did you know that you are actually smoking the “flower” of the plant, not just the leaf? A cannabis  flower or cola is the part of the plant that is comprised of several cannabis anatomical features or structures such as the stigma and pistil, bract and calyx and of course the well known trichomes. While each of these are important and play a role it is the trichomes covering the cola that secrete the aromatic oils also known as terpenes that interact with the other cannabinoids in the flower most notably THC and CBD to produce an entourage effect or specific type of psychoactive reaction (high) in the human body that is specific to each strain of cannabis cultivated. 


Pure Extracts by Waveseer uses several methods of extraction (CO2, butane, propane and food grade ethanol) to extract the cannabinoid rich oil from the cannabis plant in a variety of different ways. Each type of extraction produces a different oil also known as distillate that will be used to create one or several different products in Pure Extracts product portfolio.


Looking for dessert? An edible is a food – usually a sweet – that has been made with cannabis or infused with cannabis distillate. Edibles tend to be more potent than traditional cannabis products due to hepatic metabolization and they also  tend to produce a more calming, body high effect. Edibles can impact you in unpredictable ways, so it’s best to buy your products from high quality producers, start low and go slow. We produce the highest quality cannabis distillate using proprietary methods and infuse our product lines Pure Strips, Pure Gummies and Amsterdam Chocolate by Waveseer  with a precise dosage in a homogenous process to ensure that our products deliver the safest and most effective experiences.


Concentrates, hash, rosin, and more: Pure Extracts by Waveseer uses butane, propane and food grade ethanol extractions with different proprietary purging methods  to create a myriad of concentrates that vary in consistency, potency and overall cannabinoid profile. Some of the different types of extracts or concentrates produced by Pure Extracts that are commonly known are: live resin, diamonds, sauce, badder, budder, slush, jam, snap and pull, shatter, sugar and many, many more.


For patients who need relief wherever they go, we make vape products safer and healthier. Vaping, as opposed to traditional smoking, uses a usually compact and convenient device with a heating element to flash vaporize the cannabis distillate contained within that works to release the cannabinoids within the distillate upon consumption  rather than direct combustion (smoking) of the flower or plant material itself. Consuming cannabis by way of smoking is controversially considered to have negative health side effects from inhaling the smoke and possible carcinogens contained within. The vaping method is considered safer for consumption and regarded as more environmentally friendly. Pure Vape by Waveseer has a long list of strain specific vape pens available to the market. Many of these items contain a mixture of plant or cannabis derived terpenes, as well as, CBD distillate for ultimate relief.


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